Saturday, 3 January 2015

want to control appliances with a tv remote? then you can read it.

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In my previous post, I have discussed how the counter and decoder IC CD 4017 can be used to drive 10 led,
Today I am going to discuss on an another application of the IC.
Today’s project- simple infra red remote control, to on on/off any single electrical appliance
Components needed-
One CD 4017 chip
One NE555 timer ic
One led (here used as load)
TSOPO 1738 (three pin infrared sensor/receiver)
One 6 volt battery

Circuit diagram-
simple remote control
How the circuit works-
We all know that, any infra red remote of any home appliance is a pre programmed device, according to the program, when we press any button of the remote, the infra red LED in front of the remote transmits a light with a pre defined code, when the light falls on the sensor, it creates a electrical pulse, that pulse is fed to the IC CD4017 ,it decodes the signal and creates the  output by making  its pins high.
Here we connect the load (LED) in pin no 2,
Press any button of your remote, see the magic………..
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