Saturday, 3 January 2015

wanna like to play with led? try this

Hello how are you today?
We all has seen beautiful lighting with led during festive season, have you ever thought, how actually they works? How they are controlled? In most of the cases a programmable micro controller is used to control the lighting, 
To day we are going to make a simple lighting like that with 10 led,
Components needed- a 555 timer ic, a digital counter ic CD 4017,some resistances, 10 led s, a 9/12 volt battery,
First we need to know a little about the counter IC CD 4017- 
Inside CD 4017 there is a 5 stage JOHNSON counter, that counts the pulses of the input signal given through pin no 14, then the counted pulses are decoded into 10 output, that output signal drives the ten leds in various manner, depending on the pulses in the input signal.
circuit diagram-
How the circuit works- the working principle of the circuit is very simple, the NE 555 IC creates a continues pulse that is fed to CD 4017 as input, that input first counted and then decoded, and we get the outputs in the output pins of the CD 4017, 
The circuit I made-
demo animation-

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