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Final year projects is the significant curriculum of engineering study. If you are studying diploma or graduate engineering, you have to make a practical working final year project. The main problem among the students that we have noticed that they are confused at the initial state of choosing the right idea. There are so many Final year projects for engineering students in kolkata is trending now.

let’s discuss about the Final year projects for engineering students in kolkata topics so that selecting the right option becomes easier for you. some of the trending topics are
  1. Industrial Automation
  2. Robotics in medical Science
  3. Internet of things
  4. Cloud Computing
  5. fractional order control system design
  6. smart power system
  7. renewable energy
  8. energy efficiency etc.
If you are searching to buy Final year projects for engineering students in kolkata, We can assist you. We provide all final year project solution for electrical engineering,electronics and communication engineering, electronics and instrumentation engineering.
we provide
(1). ready made engineering projects for final year students in kolkata ( ready project+all documentation including circuit diagram, source code and power point presentation file)
(2). projects kit for self learning including kits, manual, documentation, source code, circuit diagram, and power point presentation file
(3). Training to build to project from component level. ( 1 month, complete training and documentation)
Here is a short list of projects that we have currently in our stock.
  •  Automatic Motion Sensor and Actuator
  •  Four Dimensional Mechatronic Controller
  •  Mini Programmed Logic Controller(PLC) with Apps
  •  Android Cloud Automation Console
  •  RFID robo Tagger
  •  LASER interactive Project
  •  Solid State Picnic/ BioMedical Cooler
  •  Mini Automation Platform
  •  Universal Instrumentation Platform
  •  Digital Voice Processing System
  •  PIC supported Industrial Controller
  •  Digital Communication System
  •  Analog RF Studio ( Mini Radio Station)
  •  Multi Sensor Bay
  •  Android Cloud supporting Command Base
  •  Sensor Supported Smart Data Acquisition System
  •  Advanced Robotics Systems
  •  PWM supported Inverter
  •  3 in 1 Measuring Instrument
  •  Wi Fi Communication Platform
  •  Liquid Level Controller
  •  Light Activated Switch
  •  PC Supported Apps based Instrumentation Bay
  •  Single Channel DAC ( Industrial Instrumentation)
  •  Smart Multimode DAC with ADD ON Cards
  •  Touch Transmission Project
  •  Mechatronics Remote Console etc.
  •  Different Types Apps based on Robotics, Photonics,Multiaxial etc. ,we have in our stock.


  •  Motion Sensor based Lighting System
  •  ATM Surveillance System
  •  5 Channel Instrumentation System
  •  PWM Inverter MOS supported
  •  Wi Fi Robo Car
  •  Gravity Wheel Robo Machines etc.

Our Innovative Project Domain

  •  Tele Robo Surgery
  •  Automated Airport
  •  Touch Transmission
  •  Quickstuff- a textile electronic product
  •  War and Peace
  •  Meditational Electronics etc.
For further information you may contact with us by following methods
Mobile: +91 9641977195
main link here


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Make Three phase full wave rectifier circuit.

We know that three phase power supply is a very efficient way to supply power. Most of the industrial purpose three phase power is supplied. But sometimes industry need a high power DC supply to drive some special device like trolley buses, cranes etc. So, we need to rectify the three phase AC power supply to DC. There are mainly two methods of three phase full wave rectification 1. Three phase full wave uncontrolled bridge rectifier and 2. Full wave control rectifier. Three phase full wave uncontrolled bridge-

The uncontrolled version of three phase full wave bridge rectifier can be constructer by connecting by connecting six diodes in bridge configuration across the three phase AC power supply. Look the picture carefully Six diodes rectifies the three phase power supply then a large capacitor is used at the bridge output terminals across the load in order to minimize the ripple contents in the wave across the load. This in turn results in a constant output voltage which is pulsating DC i…

Basics of stepper motor

Basics of stepper motor
A stepper motor is a widely used device that converts electrical pulses to equivalent mechanical movement with high accuracy.
A stepper motor is widely used in disk drivers ,dot matrix printers , robotics and many other automatic applications.
Stepper motor has a permanent magnet rotor that is also called shaft. The most common stepper motor has four stator winding and they are paired with a center-tapped common.
These types of motors are generally called “four phase stepper motor”.  Centre tap needs to change the direction of current flow in each two coils when a winding is grounded. This change in direction in current in stator coil changes the polarity of electromagnetic stator. It helps to control the direction of movement of shaft. 

A conventional motor runs freely, but in stepper motor the shaft moves in a fixed repeatable increment which allows one to move it to a precise position. This repeatable fixed movement is possible by using …