Saturday, 10 January 2015

Can a 9 volt battery make output of 30 volt ac?

Can a 9 volt battery make output of 30 volt ac?
Answer is , yes it can do this.
 You may ask how?
Here in this experiment , I am using a 555 timer in astable mode,( know what is astable mood) which produces a continuous sine wave or square wave, but is the voltage amplitude of the wave is less than 9 volt,
So, what should you do?

Here needs a step up transformer, now I have a general purpose central tapped step  down  transformer which I got from a broken radio set,
Here you can see that one side of the transformer have three pin, you neglect the middle pin connect the output pin of 555 9pin no 3) to the one of them and other to the ground,

The setting of the experiment is over, now measure the voltage at the output terminals of the transformer, here you must set the multi meter in ac voltage mood,

NOTE - do not touch the output of the transformer with bare hand you may get a shock,
Be cool it will not harm you.
thank you