Friday, 20 February 2015

why should we use Three phase electric power system

Three phase electric power system is a very popular and efficient method of electric power generation, transmission, and distribution also. Most of the industries from medium to a larger one is powered by three phase power supply. The most common question that everyone asks that what is the advantages of three phase power supply over single phase power supply? 

Why we need a “Three phase Power supply”?
1.A three phase power system has higher efficiency than a single phase power system.
2. three phase power supply can transmit more power than single phase power .
3.less conductor material is needed for transmission.
4.three phase power transformer is efficient and 15% less in cost.
5.distribution equipment less needed.
6. less cooling needed for three phase power transformer.
7. In three phase system supply never drops to zero, then we can get constant power.
8.calculations shows that 50% increase in transmission cost yields to 200% more power transmission.
9.three phase supply creates a rotating magnetic field in three phase induction motor, that makes the rotor move. three phase motors are easy to manufacture , cost is less and it is efficient too, It makes less vibration than single phase motor.
10.we can get different values of voltages according to our requirement.
These are the common advantages of three phase power supply. More we will discuss later.
Thank you for reading.