Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How to make a mobile power bank/ Homemade solar mobile charger /Make a regulated 5 volt dc power supply using 7805

To day we are going to make a very simple and useful project.
Power consumption rate of today’s android mobile is very high. So often have to recharge our phone. It is big trouble mainly during travel. Many companies has brought the solution making power bank. It stores power in batteries an supply 5 volt dc to charge mobile phones. How it would be if you can make something like this?
Lets try it…………………
What you need-
1. a battery rated more than 5 volt and less than 12 volt(I make series connection of two four volt batteries which I got from rechargeable china torch light)
2. one 7805 regulator IC and a small heat sink
3. two 470uf capacitor
5. some wires
5. one micro USB connector( jack to the mobile phone)

How it works-
The regulator IC takes voltage from battery then regulates it to 5 volt dc. Small variations in input voltage can mot make significant effect in output, that is very necessary for the sophisticated device like mobile phone.
circuit I made-

Special note-
you can use a solar panel in the place of the battery.
Must add the heat sink with the IC
Input voltage should not be more than 18 volt.

You can power any usb device using this circuit.
you can make the charger circuit using same method using 7809 IC. For more information check anotheer posts of this blog.
thank you very much for reading.
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