Friday, 9 October 2015

Different Types of Industrial Electrc Motors

There , thousands types of electric Motors used in Industry. Most of us have not heard their name.
Today I have Collected 50 types of  Motor's name from various online industrial Trading Site.
Here It Is

How many types of commercial electric motors
1.Geared Motors
2.Servo Motors
3.Three phase Induction Motor
4.Stepper Motor
5.Single phase Induction Motor
6.Brake Motors
7.Helical Geared Motor
8.Vibratory Motors
9.Brushless Motor
10.Worm Geared Motors
11.Flame Proof Motor
12.Submersible Motors
13.Synchronous Motor
14.Flange Motors
15.Air Motors
16.Micro Motors
17.Linear Motors
18.Magnetic Motors
19.OutBoard Motors
20.Cooling Tower Motor
21.AC Brake Motors
22.Crane Duty Motors
23.Asynchronous Motors
24.Gate Motors
25.Explosion Proof Motor
26.Traction Motor
27.Parmanent Magnet Dc Motor
28.Rolling Shutter Motor
29.Spindle Motor
30.Tubular Motor
31.Shadad Pole Motor
32.Radial Piston Motor
33.TEFC Motor
34.Axial piston Motor
35.Universal Motor
36.LT Motor
37.Hoist Motor
38.Orbital Motor
39.Curtain Motor
40.Pneumatic Motor
41.Motor Encoder
42.Dual Voltage Motors
43.High Frequency Motors
44.SPDP Motors
45.Pan Tilt Motors
46.Hub Motor
47.Vector Motor
48.coreless Motor
49.Pancake Motors
50.Stirrer Motor

  Collected By- Abhijit Maity