Thursday, 18 September 2014


Good morning visitors,thank u for visiting ,
today I am going to discuss on a very useful and common component,that is transistor,
classification- mainly two types 1.p-n-p

formation-Transistors are made from some semiconductor material like germenium,sillicon etc.
function- we can use a transistor in many ways,like
1.signal amplifier
2.electronics switch
3.signal generators and many other interisting application,
pin configuration- A transistor has three legs, 1.emitter 2.base 3.collector
how to determine-three legs, 1.emitter 2.base 3.collector
first take a multimeter and measure the resistance between base-left side pin and base-right side pin, always remember resistance between collector-base junction is greater than emitter base junction,
Where shuld i buy a transistor?-from any elcetronics shop nearest, u may go "chandni-chak" market, kolkata,india
Market price- varies between Rs-2 to Rs-50
peojects where u will use this-almost in every projects