Sunday, 21 December 2014

Analog v/s digital and the future world

The journey of electrical /electronics engineering was started more than250 years ago,
From that time many innovation has been done by scientists.
At the very beginning scientists were aware only about direct current(DC),
Then alternating current was invented, opening a new age of electrical engineering, using alternating flux, transformer was invented,
Day by day scientist begun to think on a component which has a property of selectivity .  first came vacuum triode, after a very long time research transistors invented,
Then a new era of electronics engineering  opened,
At the beginning there was only analog  electronics,
What is analog electronics?
In analog system both input and output are continuous, like a flow of water with in a pipe,
Suppose you have a pipe, the diameter of the input channel is greater than the diameter of the output channel. Here you connect the pipe with a pump, what would you notice?
You must notice that the speed of the water coming from output channel , is greater than ihe input channel speed, like this process a analog system works.
Day by day, with the help of Boolean algebra and  using transistor and other semiconductor , various logic gates were implemented,
The age of digital electronics started.
How digital system works?
Digital  system works using Boolean algebra, there input and output is not continuous like analog system, it works only using two state
1.   low(0)  (amplitude is lower than defined value)
2.   high(1) ( amplitude is higher than defined value)
suppose , you have some balls, and you are throwing them one by one, one ball in one time, this may be an example of digital or discreet system,

Programmable digital devices-
After the implementation of memory, which can store digital data, then programmable digital devices came, program is stored in this memory, and the device works according to the instructions of the program. There are many programmable devices in the market, like microcontrollers( avr series atmega16,atmega32, and pic series )
Now a days  programmable digital devices are widely used , because any type of work can be done using different program , like an open source hardware.

There are many advantages in digital devices, but one important disadvantage is , it is controlled by a program , any little change in the program can corrupt the total system,
The program can be changed from outside.
This allows hackers to hack the system………………………………

In analog system there is no external control, so it is free from hacking,
Though the digital system has some drawbacks, for its multipurpose functionality , it will be widely used I future,
But some special security purpose, analog system is better………………………………………………………………


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