Saturday, 20 December 2014

simple method to blink a led or generate a tone

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In my previous post, I have discussed on the pin configuration of NE555 timer ic,
Today I am going to apply the astable configuration of 555 ic to blink a led with a defined interval of time,
The astable mode of 555 is a free running oscillator condition, which generates pulses with defined time interval,
We get the pulse output from pin no 3
In this led blinking project, we will use the output pulse to glow the led, NE555 can deliver enough power to drive the led.
Required component list-
1.   One NE555 timer ic
2.   Resistances- 1k, 10k,220ohm
3.   Electrolytic capacitor -10 micro farad
4.   Ceramic capacitor-0.01 micro farad
5.   One led
6.   One 6 volt or 9 volt power supply source
Circuit diagram-

Note- you can change the time delay of blinking by changing  the values of capacitor and resistance,
You can use 220 ohm resistance with the led instead of 1k,
Actually    I have discuss a simple application of astable mode, this mode is often used in electronics to generate continuous pulse, which is used in triggering other digital circuits,
You may generate tones using the pulses, just put a speaker in the place of the LED,
 circuit diagram-

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