Saturday, 10 January 2015

make a industrial foam/plastic sheet cutter at home

Hello friend , how are you. Today is very cold here, hope you are enjoying the winter.
Today’s post is different from other post, Actually my father has started a business, making plastic bags from plastic sheet, but he is facing a problem to cut the sized piece of sheet from the role.
He asked me to find out a solution, then I thought and find out the solution in this way…………………
I heated a nichrome wire with electric . and as soon as the plastic sheet is placed on red-hot nichrome  wire it melted and cut,
So, now I am going to discuss step by step, how I did this
What we need- a piece of 22 gauge nichrome wire, a 24 volt step down transformer , a MCB, some wires
A little calculation- if we take nichrome A ( 80% ni, 20%cr) of 22 gauge, it has the resistance 1 ohm/feet, if we take 5 feet of nichrome it has 5ohm resistance. As the transformer output is 24 volt then the current in secondary winding will be near 5 amp, for long life of transformer we take it 6 amp, then the transformer rating must be 24*6=144 VA, nearly 150 VA, here we  use a mcb for safety it must be of 6 amp, connected in series in output,

Mechanical mechanism- as we all know the length of the wire increases as the temperature increases, so here we used a spring to keep the wire straight. Look the picture carefully,